A Spanish fashion brand sells flags and t-shirts against corruption.

War of flags in the Spanish balconies.

  • Fashion store located in Madrid, sells flags and T-shirts with the documents seized from the former treasurer of the Popular Party.
  • Flags have become a way of political expression on balconies throughout Spain.
  • Corruption costs the Spaniards a total of 87 billion euros per year.

Madrid, 2018UnoNueveOcho (www.unonueveocho.es) is a spanish fashion brand based in Madrid that has launched a flag and a T-shirt with those known as «Bárcenas Papers» printed on the front. These documents were seized by the police during the investigation to the former treasurer of the Popular Party in 2007, in them, appear the initials (presumably) of the recently dismissed as president of the government Mariano Rajoy, among other prominent leaders of the Popular Party.

Due to the Catalonian independence movement, some “on the go” issue and focus of attention, spanish right-wing communities started hanging spanish flags on the balconies all over geography as a unity symbol. The working class population seemed not to agree with this «patriotic demonstration» while the party in the government had been formerly accused of corruption so the «Papers» Flag, launched in November 2017, became a real furor and allowed the spaniards to show their discontent with the widespread corruption that has been affecting the country in recent times and, according to recent investigations, had cost 87 billion euros per year.

The Bárcenas Gate is one of the more than 400 legal cases opened at this time in Spain that affect politicians from different parties and sensitivities. This one is relevant because during the investigations a series of documents were seized in which them appeared reflected donations of the ex-treasurer of the Popular Party, Jose Luis Barcenas, to different members of the government, among which are the names M. Rajoy (presumably ex prime minister), Jaime Mayor (presumably ex Minister of interior) and Rodrigo Rato (presumably ex Minister of Economy and former president of the International Monetary Fund). All of the defendants have denied any relationship with the former treasurer and claimed those are not their names, but from other.

On May 20th this year, the Popular Party was found guilty by enriching itself with public funds thanks to this corrupt plot, something that was wielded by the main opposition party (Socialist) to start a motion that managed to change the government, but the people who appear in these documents have not been identified as guilty yet in their personal capacity and Spain is falling, again, on bipartidism.

Likewise, some opinion leaders, politicians or celebrities, have dressed the T-shirt in public appearances both on television or in parliament speeches, a few meters from Rajoy.

UnoNueveOcho wants to spread one message to the working class all over Europe. There is another Spain far below, that is different and that also wants a more dignified, just and libertarian Europe.

Spain is here, let’s make the fucking revolution.




Where to buy

UnoNueveOcho is known for offering Europe Made products manufactured in a sustainable way and claiming social issues through their garments. The «Papers» Flag and the T-Shirt are available on its website for 9,95€ and 17,80€ respectively.

But if you come from farther and want some good working class experience in Madrid, you can stop in La Palma St. number 76. Where we all resist. From Madrid, with love.

UnoNueveOcho – www.unonueveocho.es


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